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Dancing is a joy that is yours forever

Katharine's Studio One is a dance company committed to the artistic development of young dancers interested in pursuing a career in the arts. We're here to assist you in achieving your goals. Allow us to help you take the next step in your dance career. We believe that dance is the joy that lasts forever and we hope you can join us in our inspiring environment.

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Our Classes

We take pride in being a studio that is both professional and fun to work in. All of our classes are separated into groups based on age and level of experience. They start at preschoolers where we teach both ballet and tap. Then we have classes for K-5th grade for ballet, jazz, and tap. Our high school classes also include ballet, jazz, and tap. Save your spot with us today and register below!

We offer dancing classes in the following disciplines:


  • Ballet

  • Tap

  • Jazz

  • Hip Hop

  • Acro


Register with us today and start your dance journey with us!

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Fun and Professional Studio

Our facilities, along with our friendly and talented staff members, make dancing at our studio unique. Our team is made up of very professional and accredited dancers, each with an impressive resume. Owner and dance instructor, Katharine Fleming, founded her first dance studio in 1975, and has since touched so many young and talented dancers that have become family with second and third generation dancers.


Here at Katharine Studio One Dance Center we offer the best environment for our students to dance in. We have the latest in audio equipment which allows our music to be at the very best quality.  We also have fully mirrored walls in our studio making it easy to focus on form and movement. Additionally, we have ample parking, making it easy for parents to bring their kids to the studio.

Why Choose Us?

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Our dance company offers a fun environment with professional


young girl ballerina



We offer a wide range of classes at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

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We pride ourselves in offering affordable prices for our professional level classes.

young girl learning ballet



Our team is made up of friendly dance instructors who go above and beyond for each student.



“First class people, expect excellence in effort, proud to have the opportunity with this studio.”

Christopher H.

“Great teachers. They have helped me progress and learn so much. They are strong in tap, so anyone interested in tapping I would also send here. Love this studio!”

Nicole Yang

“Love KS1 Dance. So far.... amazing and my little girl is loving it and learning from the best!”

Elle L.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read Our FAQs

Can you tell me more about Katharine's Studio One Dance Center?


At our studio, we pride ourselves in knowing that each student is unique and we must understand their individual personality, learning style, and dance training goals, so they can train and grow into the very best dancer they strive to be.  


Our dance instructors are dedicated skilled professionals and love sharing their knowledge and passion for dance with their students. We offer a variety of dance courses for different age groups and provide instruction for ballet, acro, hip hop, jazz, and tap.

We offer the latest in audio equipment, fully mirrored walls, and ample parking. Our dance studio has it all! Give us a call to learn more!

How do you register for classes?

We have a page for our current registration, which you can find on the top of our website. You are also welcome to give us a call or come visit us and we will be happy to help you!

Is ballet essential?

Ballet is the foundation upon which all other dance disciplines are built. Ballet instruction, when combined with other types of dance, will help students achieve their dancing goals more quickly. Ballet training is required in order to master more complex dance skills such as numerous turns and leap sequences. Ballet has been shown to improve athletic performance in people of all athletic abilities.

What are the advantages of taking a dancing class?

Your child is about to start dance lessons. They will develop good posture, poise, proper body alignment, and grace with adequate instruction. Dancing improves flexibility, coordination, and fosters an appreciation for the performing arts. The shy, self-conscious youngster will benefit from stage experience and our photoshoot, while the overly aggressive child will be controlled by class structure. The most beautiful of all the arts will be used to teach self-expression.


Reach Out to Us

Join our dance company today and begin working towards your artistic dreams! Register below.

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